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Show Notes

In this episode, we’ll learn more about traveling while vegan with Kureisha Ford, a travel blogger better known as Gallivanting Wellness. We’ll also learn more about her travel experiences.

This is the second episode of Foodies Take Flight, a series where Jess talks with world travelers, expats and citizens of countries outside of the United States about their food experiences. Whether you have wanderlust and want to get inspiration for your next trip, or a homebody who just wants a mental vacation, Foodies Take Flight will take you up and away.

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Jess 0:08
Hi, it’s Jess and welcome to another episode of The Flaky Foodie Podcast. The only show whether discussion is delicious, and there’s chatter to chew on. This is the second episode in our foodies take flight series where I talk with people who’ve been all over the world or who have lived all over the world about their food experiences. So today on the show, we’ll have Kureisha Ford she’s also known as galavanting wellness on her social media handles, and she tells people about travel tips on her TikTok, on her Instagram, and she’s also a recent vegan so she’ll tell us a little bit more about traveling while vegan, and also on the most vegan friendly countries that she’s visited so far, you won’t want to miss it stay tuned.

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Hi, and welcome back. Today we have Kureisha of galavanting wellness with us on the show. She’s been some more than 11 countries and documents her travels on Tik Tok and Instagram. So welcome Krishna to the show. It’s so good to have you here.

Kureisha Ford 3:08
Thank you so much. I’m excited.

Jess 3:12
So you’ve been to more than 11 countries as we mentioned earlier. So what countries have you been to?

Unknown Speaker 3:18
I had to sit up and think cuz I said and this is not in any particular order. But Japan, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Peru, Belize, Maltese, Tahiti, Dubai and Costa Rica.

Jess 3:36
Oh, wow. I’ve been to Costa Rica and Canada, and beliefs as well. So Oh, yeah. I know. I love Costa Rica. I love eating there. Everything was just really fresh to me. Oh, yes. I like Costa Rica a lot. So how did you get into traveling?

Kureisha Ford 3:55
So the first international trip I took was in 2016. And that was to Japan, to go see my sister and honestly, everything about it. It was so exciting to the senses, like from land in the airport, trying to navigate through there. The people the food, the culture, like it just ignited something in me when I went to Japan. And I’m like, I love this feeling. And I was like a kid in a candy store when I was touring Japan and just looking around and stuff. I’m like, I love this. Travel more often. So that’s what started. So your social media brand is galavanting wellness. How

Jess 4:32
did you come up with that name and what does it mean to

Unknown Speaker 4:35
you? Okay, so my sister and I was trying to come up with names and I finally decided on galavanting wellness because the name itself literally means pursuing wellness. Yes, when I look at wellness, I look at it holistically. So mental, physical, spiritual, so on that’s my sense of it. But to me it also means pursuing freedom. Okay, how so just having the flexibility to be able to try was a luxury to be able to afford to travel as a luxury. And so freedom is being able to do things on my own terms when I want to do, and not necessarily having so many constraints, but also traveling I love it is something that I really love to do when you travel

Jess 5:16
Do you try to stay with like the known brands? Or are you the type to go places and try to eat like the locals there?

Unknown Speaker 5:24
Oh, I try to eat like the locals. I never want to travel to try food that I have at home, even though the ingredients may be different. So I’m definitely the person that goes outside the resort and things like that, because that’s one way to learn about the place. You learn about the culture through the food.

Jess 5:42
Exactly. So you became a vegan two years ago, how’s that affected? The way that you eat when you travel? Has it been a pleasant experience or like a very challenging experience

Unknown Speaker 5:56
is very challenging. I look at it, it was one of those things I have to plan ahead for. And it has some challenges, but I’m pretty flexible, even as a vegan. So I’ll prepare snacks and things like I packed my lunch on most of my flights if I’m not rushing. And so I started to pack vegan protein bars, single serving vegan protein powders as well, to kind of prepare in case for example, because if you notice at airports, they don’t really cater to vegans. You can find vegetarian options, even in a code sections and stuff at the airport. But there’s really no vegan restaurants. You can get fries or a salad. But that’s about it. So I’ve gotten used to preparing that there may not be options for me. And so I’ll pack my snacks if I go to a country. And there’s very because you also got to look at the culture of the location of the country. And when you think about veganism, it’s really been this health movement that’s been catching on in recent years has, there’s always been vegans. But as far as more countries accepting to have a restaurant, even in my hometown, Alabama, we’re just now really starting to get that. And so when I go to a country that does not really have vegan restaurants or has many vegan options, I’ll just go to the grocery store. I’ll give my nut butters, my breads, my my fruit and produce if there’s not a grocery store close, there’s always usually a market or a street vendor or something.

Jess 7:16
So what has been the most vegan friendly place that you’ve visited since becoming a vegan?

Unknown Speaker 7:22
I will say it’s a tie between Dubai and Peru. Okay,

Jess 7:26
what were some great dishes that you had in both of those places?

Unknown Speaker 7:30
Ooh, okay. So in Dubai, there’s a restaurant called microlenders. And to me, they pretty much serve more of Indian type of dishes. And so there was the one dish with which was untrue, and I cannot remember the name, but it was like broccoli with like little patty. And then I had a vegetable type of dish. It was so good. But right in front of my goal, Mendez is a dessert shop that serves chocolate and things, but they also have vegan desserts. And so I try when it was really great. Then there’s a vegan restaurant there called Siva and at Siva, I had a meatloaf mashed potatoes that was made out of lentils and brown mushrooms and things like that. And also I got a dessert there in Peru. I went to what was it called the Greenpoint and it’s in Cusco, I went there multiple times. Because I love this so much. Every meal came with Inca corn, which is kind of crunchy corn in this season. But there I had banana pancakes with a beer syrup, and it was delicious. And like chocolate cake.

Jess 8:35
So let’s back up to the crunchy corn. Is that like a corn nuts? How? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 8:39
yes, definitely like a corn. And with that in Peru, too, I noticed that the dishes are not as sweet as where you should have in the United States. And that’s so at the I don’t think they use really cane sugar. So even though it looked very sweet and wasn’t, which was great for me, I was totally fine with that. And then as far as an organic, local dish, I had Taku Taku. And so they veganize it there. And typically Taku Taku is a dish made from leftover rice and beans. And then they asked seasonings and things like that. And it actually originated with African slaves. Rightly so that was what editions I taught there. It was so filling and so savory was awesome. Loved it.

Jess 9:20
That’s the interesting nugget of history. I didn’t realize that we were in Peru down to Peru. That’s extremely interesting. So So what are some other great dishes that you’ve had from your travels like beyond just the vegan friendly patients with some great food that you’ve had while traveling?

Unknown Speaker 9:38
When I was in Japan, I was not vegan. And so one of the things I loved there were most of their dishes was served with tea and rice and things like they’re in a workflow. I had sushi there and I just feel like if you’re a seafood eater, you go to Japan you have to try the sushi. I just

Jess 9:55
had a conversation with my friend who lives over in Japan. She lives over In Taiwan now, but she’s lived in Japan and Korea and all those places. And she just told me how great the sushi is in Japan.

Unknown Speaker 10:06
Yes, I loved it. And now as far as the meals in Japan, of course, they’re made us all in Japanese. So I can’t tell you really what I was eating because I was picking my meals by the pictures. Yeah, has a full menu is picture solid, just point. And so worked out great. I didn’t have anything that I was disappointed with

Jess 10:26
this vitreous and also great. There were no disappointments there. Nope, none. So you kind of mentioned a couple of little tips for vegan travelers, you know, as far as kind of finding a grocery store to find kind of your essential foods. Do you have any other tips for vegan travelers?

Unknown Speaker 10:45
Yes, if you’re going to take an international flight, two days before your flight, contact your airline to let them know about your diet. Also, you can do it through the apps, I have had different experiences with that because of COVID. I’ve been told by some airlines, they can accommodate the diet. Sometimes they do not have a vegan diet option when you’re choosing your meal option through the app. So it’s always best to call first. And of course, if you can’t get it, just make sure you pack and prepare for that. Also, I have the app Happy Cow. And so I find vegan vegetarian restaurants do that when I’m in a location and I also check the lay of the land quote unquote, prior to traveling anywhere.

Jess 11:23
So what are some general tips that you have for anybody who may or may not be vegan? Or maybe you’re omnivores? Maybe you’re pescatarian? Just anybody who’s traveling with some great tips to find

Unknown Speaker 11:35
great food. Oh, I’ll search and do I’m very type A so I google search before I get to the area and kind of figure out what are they known for? Like for example, I’d say he did say he takes pride in having fresh food for seafood, fresh produce and things like that. So that’s another place if you love seafood to try it and since at so usually you’re talking about they’re getting to catch that day before they prepare it. And so just looking at restaurants, but I don’t just look up lists, like what’s the bestest and other because I like authentic was um, foods and stuff. I actually do a little deeper dive to figure out where the look was eating because that’s where I want to go. I want the native spices and sauces and things like that. Are there

Jess 12:17
any like native spices that you kind of incorporate in your home kitchen? That you fire over here? Okay. Do you are you a big home cook it or you prefer to

Unknown Speaker 12:31
cook it kind of depends on my mood. Okay, I’m in the mood to cook I will I like to do a lot of fresh stuff from the farmers market. So for me it’s mainly tan and things like that and and my seasons to it. If I’m preparing a ethnic dish, because I do love India food. I’ll definitely do the recipes based upon their ingredients, like the specific spices and things like that.

Jess 12:51
Awesome. So I have a kind of a mental exercise. I’m sure this will be a lot of hard for you. But you’ve kind of gone through most of the 11 countries so far. Can you name like one great, awesome thing that you ate in each of the countries that you visited?

Unknown Speaker 13:09
Okay, So Japan is definitely sushi. In Canada, which I can’t remember honestly what I had in Canada, because I’ve been to Canada twice. What parts Montreal and Windsor Canada, okay. I’ve been to Toronto, definitely try Montreal in Montreal. I do have Lebanese food. And I did like that.

Jess 13:30
I when I was in Canada, we went to a place called Niagara on the Lake. Remember the name of it, but it was a great restaurant. And it was kind of at first you would think it’s kind of sketchy because you got to go underground to get to it. And we really just didn’t ask around or anything. We were on a tour. And they stopped us here and was like you have however long to eat. And when I say they had the food was so good. I don’t know if we were starving. The food was very good. So it’s a Greek restaurant. And Niagara on the Lake. Where were some good places in Montreal.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
That’s the one where I tried to Lebanese restaurant, the Lebanese and Windsor no in Montreal, or Windsor. I can’t remember what I had in Mexico. I was in Cabo. And they have a vegan restaurant there. I cannot remember the name of for the life of me. But they do it’s kind of like a little almost like a off the street place like to almost look like a little street market but it’s not. And it’s two guys that run it but it was really great. I have plenty of tacos and things like that as well. Love them too. I’m in Jamaica, I was not vegan so I had the curry goat the fish and everything. It was so great. I remember eating at the restaurant on doctors cold beach. That restaurant was awesome. And down the street from their desk, another restaurant and rich I hate the curry goat. I loved it and Bahamas. That was one place where it was challenging to find food because of course due to location and culture, they mainly put seafood and a lot of their own meals and So there that is a place where I would have to go to some typical American restaurants or the sides, go to the grocery store, things like that. And definitely double check on when I met the restaurants do you have vegan because what I’ve realized in my travels, people know what vegetarian means. And this is even in the US. You know, a vegetarian means they do not necessarily know what vegan is.

Jess 15:19
Yeah, and it’s the weirdest thing now that they’ve had this new plant based label. People can understand what that means so much better than vegan. I’ve, I’ve noticed very weird. It’s like, you’ll be like vegan, and they’ll be like, Oh, do you want some of these eggs? Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 15:44
All the time. Literally. It happens all the time. What I’ve learned to do is save begin, then I’ll say, so no dairy, no eggs, no meat, no seafood. I say that after that. And if I’m traveling, I will look it up because I have a Google Translate. And I’ll look up what it means and their language and I’ll show them. So that’s how I’ve been trying to do it. Because what I’ve noticed, people will, okay, so for example, mashed potatoes. They’re like, Oh, yes, we can cuz you can’t visibly see the meat. They don’t look at the butter or even for beans. They don’t get me wrong. Yeah. And so that’s why I’m like I’m a vegan. But I do what I can. Asking you. Hmm, no, it does it then. It does. And I just have to find out because I Googled some later. I’m like, Oh, man. I make a conscious effort.

Jess 16:41
We’re going through countries. We had Canada, we’ve had Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica. So what about Costa Rica

Unknown Speaker 16:49
and Costa Rica, we’re staying on a resort. So when I said a hotel resort, I emailed them prior to going and let them know I’m vegan, so that the chef can customize my meals. So that definitely wasn’t a problem. Okay, well,

Jess 17:01
did you have any, like memorable foods there?

Unknown Speaker 17:04
No, because? Well, let me tell you why though. So when you stand a resort and you let them know you’re vegan, typically, they’re very nice and accommodating. And they try to put but it’s a resort. So they’re putting their meals catered to the American palate. So typically, they’re cooking the vegan Americanized dishes.

Jess 17:21
Okay. Yeah. So by the same as what you get back home, just just be in pretty much yes. And

Unknown Speaker 17:29
vegan, authentic dishes? Yeah, actually, what do you want and, um, and I never like to give the chef direction per se, besides something local, some authentic because that’s the whole point. I want you to create whatever I’m totally open. Lowe’s is not tofu, or some soy plant based meat. I don’t care. create it. I’m gonna try it.

Jess 17:49
Well, we ate in Costa Rica, we took a day trip, a couple of day trips, and they stopped us at this restaurant in the mountains we didn’t get it was just a part of the tour. So we didn’t really pay it another time. We didn’t really pay attention to the name we just ate. But when I say it was the best food and I think now I’m thinking about it. I don’t think anything except maybe like some cheese, sprinkle on some beans and rice. I think that a plate was pretty much vegan. Hmm. And it was like cuz they had so Vici but it made it without the fish. It was just kind of like marinated vegetables like a salad and everything. And maybe it was plantains and they had this drink. That was it was funny because we pulled up on the table and it was like, it looks like brown dirty water since he’s table. And so we’re just kind of like, Ah, well, we took a sip and I’m talking about it was we think she said the waitress because you know, it was all Spanish she said Tamarindo so it was like tamarind water pretty much and when it was brown, but it was so like refreshing and and good. So that’s why I’m kind of I’m I’m surprised that the resort didn’t try to meet like local because they seem like they were very like vegetarian friendly. places provide a vegetarian options. But then again, I wasn’t looking at it through the lens of a vegan so you’re gonna

Unknown Speaker 19:12
find tamarind, water, and things like that and juice in Jamaica, and Mexico as well.

Jess 19:18
It was just funny, but a bunch of a bunch of dirty water on the table. That’s why you have to keep an open mind. You never know. So you know, that you don’t expect to be absolutely delicious. So where did we miss any countries?

Unknown Speaker 19:31
There was Billy’s Maltese. I really loved eating tamales. I’ll say that.

Jess 19:38
Well, whether there’s like specialty dishes because I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody say,

Unknown Speaker 19:43
Well, here’s the catch. That was also on the resort. So this was during COVID So you couldn’t Island hop or toe hop at that. Ah

Jess 19:51
man, I know

Unknown Speaker 19:55
where the chef customize all my meals. However with that Chef it was really great. because he would make local stuff like local brands and stuff and veganism. Local jams. That’s the first time I had vegan ratatouille was actually there too. Oh, wow. Nice. Yeah. So he will make a lot of dishes and I just loved it sounds like yes, this is great. Actually, the resort of mouth is actually set the bar for when I will customize vegan meals in my resort.

Jess 20:24
Oh, do you ever go sometimes you said you stay in a resort. Have you ever had to like budget when you ate while traveling?

Unknown Speaker 20:31
I actually I rotate. I pick my accommodations based on where I’m staying. So in Maldives, I stayed at a resort in Costa Rica. But mainly during COVID though, you have to stay at Goldstar type of accommodations and stuff. I typically prefer to stay in an Airbnb. And even when I’m booking an Airbnb, I tried to book one that’s owned by local, so my money can go back and stimulate the local economy. That’s very nice. So that’s what I prefer to do. However, in some locations, like for example, in Peru, Peru is really great for backpackers. They have a lot of hostels and things. And so because I was doing tours all around the country, because I use a service called Peru hop, which is a hop on hop off bus. I stayed in hotels there and Airbnb ease. Oh, how was that experience? Oh, it was awesome. It totally helps with planning your trip. Because you pick your itinerary you pick how many days you want to be on the bus, you know, by based on your itinerary if you’re going to be in a location overnight, so that’s why I will pick the hotel or Airbnb, because depending on location, some of them have more hostels versus actual traditional hotels. And so then I’ll pick up Airbnb. And so it was really great, because when I picked that thing was like it was a three storey loft. And it was so nice. It was gated, and it was within like a 10 minute cab ride of the main city.

Jess 21:52
And I feel like I feel like buying a plane ticket

Unknown Speaker 21:54
now. You definitely should Peru have something for everyone. I love it. However, if you’re going to go to Machu Picchu and things like that, be aware of altitude sickness in Israel. Be aware and plan accordingly. Give yourself at least two to three days and Cusco to acclimate to the change in elevation.

Jess 22:18
You haven’t really had a chance then since you kind of hopped around and kind of stayed at these local air B and Bs and hostels to really try the local food. So that’s that’s, that’s cool. It’s really cool.

Unknown Speaker 22:28
Yes. And I got to got to meet a lot of travelers to improve, because we ended up doing some of the same tours. And I actually went back to one of the hostels to eat because there’s a restaurant there with a few girls that I had met on one of the tours. Yeah, so it was really great experience. So yeah, I do a combination of both. And as far as budgeting, Mmm hmm. I try to budget is always interesting to me. I do try to budget, but I’m a very type A and I do what I want to do when I vacation. And so I pay for everything ahead of time. So the only thing I’m having to pay for on the trip is literally food. And probably transportation, I say probably because I typically book excursions they do pick up and drop off. If there

Jess 23:13
was any country where you could travel back to just for dish. Where would that be?

Unknown Speaker 23:21
Back to Dubai? Because Dubai has so much and I feel like you can’t even touch on everything even in two weeks. Mm hmm. Yeah. So they have they have such a variety. And mainly because there’s such a melting pot. Because if you look at the population of Dubai, it’s only about 20% or so Emirates, and everyone else kind of just you know, immigrated over there. So there’s so many different ethnic cultures there’s so many different foods and everything that you can

Jess 23:51
try is there anything to where you’re just like I wish I could make this at home?

Unknown Speaker 23:59
My thoughts are more so I wish I had to show

Jess 24:03

Unknown Speaker 24:07
meal prep for me.

Jess 24:09
So I’m big into international snacks Have you tried any like packaged snacks that were just like okay, I’m I’m gonna put these all in my suitcase and

Unknown Speaker 24:18
you’re in Hawaii, what was it? Oh, which island which islands? I’ve been to Hawaii Maui and Oahu. Okay, they it’s the macadamia nuts there I love their macadamia nuts because they have a flavor and there’s like a honey they had a Honeywell cuz I’ve been there before when I was not begin with while I’ve been vegan um but I love them macadamia because you can find them season and they’re so good.

Jess 24:44
And we went to Oahu on our honeymoon. And I that was one thing that I brought back and I still from time to time if I think about it I order from the same farm that we visited over there and they’re completely different than what you will find on the shelves here. Yes, they’re they’re bigger number one they’re also I don’t know the flavor is a lot lighter I don’t know how to explain it.

Unknown Speaker 25:08
No I I’m telling you I totally get what you mean. is almost like you can tell it doesn’t have all the preservatives in it. Yes that’s what it is. That’s also what I loved about eating the food in Japan as well. It was so fresh

Jess 25:22
Mm Hmm Well, this has made me very hungry and very ready to travel somewhere

Unknown Speaker 25:31
Yes, yes I mean the film tell you the food is one of the best parts I get excited about like the freshness like oh my gosh the fresh produce everything it just like it’s like a party for the Census just a smell everything that reminds me of Dubai they have suits, which are little markets which which is what we will call them but like the seasonings and everything that’s out like you can just the colors are so green. Yeah,

Jess 26:01
I know it’s pretty a movie a Hollywood eyes but I don’t know if you remember that six in the city movie where they went to the buy there was a scene in a marketplace. And I don’t remember much else about that movie. Remember that scene and marketplace and and being like why cuz the colors were like So like you said so vibrant?

Unknown Speaker 26:23
Yes. And they just have them they’re in Peru, I went to one of their their large farmers market and literally, they had meat out they had spices that was to produce everything and they were just like, I was just walking down the aisles taking everything in like this is amazing. I mean, literally they even have alpaca me like everything like wow. Yeah, like it’s really neat to go to the I love that’s one of the things I do love is to try to catch the local markets when I travel internationally because that’s where you can also see the culture. Yes. So it was really neat. And just to see the food, even the candy and the leaves because you mentioned the plants and stuff in Costa Rica and in Peru you can find the coca leaves and things at the market because it helps with altitude sickness and they can do things and so I actually found that that their market did a hell no you got to start beforehand.

Jess 27:29
Oh, okay. That’s what

Unknown Speaker 27:34
they even serve the tea and everything get the hotel but yes, I’m sure he started two days before it’d been just fine.

Jess 27:43
So have you ever had a chance to eat like at a locals like house or any any situation like that while you travel?

Unknown Speaker 27:52
Yes, when I was in Jamaica stayed at Airbnb and so it was at a family compound and so the owner would you can pay to get the breakfast and stuff and he will prepare the meal and it was so good. It was so good. I was like yes, that was so that was the first time I tried a key and was a key salt fish because I wasn’t vegan then a key salt fish and that was a guava guava jam.

Jess 28:19
I love coffee and cream cheese no so well together. I never thought of those two together. There was a restaurant here a bakery and they will make guava cheese brioche so it was like a almost like a croissant with cream cheese cream cheese and guava in it and it was so good. I’m sure that’s not vegan there is 2% positive it’s not vegan but there’s there’s butter for days and that but there’s you know there’s other places that have coffee and cream cheese to get I used I bought a little thing of jam one time and we eat it with crackers and cream cheese

Unknown Speaker 29:01
isn’t a neat the jams and everything that you can find in these places and the sauces

Jess 29:06
yes even cuz I like Like You I like farmers markets as well. And so it’ll be like local fruit that you can’t you don’t find in a grocery store. You just have to know about it like yes, like you know mayhaw jelly or something like that. Or mulberry jam. And a lot of people are kind of going back to you know our roots and eating local and getting stuff that you can find Wow here and it’s so much jam. You can make anything. It’s

Unknown Speaker 29:32
a yes. Even though they’re savory flavors to it. Yeah. And I didn’t realize that like it was like a jalapeno jam or something I seen somewhere. And I was like, Huh, I’m gonna thought of that.

Jess 29:47
No pun intended, but that type of thing is my jam. I love like sweet and spicy. Together. It just works to me like a vintage I’m vegetarian. So Like a vegetarian like wing or something like that, and you have a glaze on the outside or something. I’m all for that.

Unknown Speaker 30:08
I’m telling you making me happy now. Now I need to book another trip. I gotta get some more food.

Jess 30:15
I might be in your suitcase

Unknown Speaker 30:19
Come on, come on. Because he Oh, yes, he now often had to look up places. Now to find a country that’s the most vegan friendly now.

Jess 30:31
Well, you know, what was weird is that some places over here that you have, and you would think they’re vegetarian friendly, because all the restaurants are are not visited, like in real life or vegetarian friendly, because a lot of places here like Thai restaurants, you can find vegetarian food, or vegetarian plate. But I was reading and I don’t know if you’ve, if you’re listening, and you’re from Thailand, and you can kind of be like, that’s not true. Let me know. But I was reading the actual actually in Thailand, it’s not that vegetarian friendly is actually pretty, pretty hard. And this was a couple of years ago, too. So who knows what could have changed?

Unknown Speaker 31:09
So you know, what I noticed too, with traveling also depends on the religion to Yes, because it’s our area, especially because Thailand has monks because I’ve looked at visiting Thailand before. And I was looking at the food and so there are restaurants that are what I’m calling monk friendly, but that’s not the term that they use. And they actually have vegan options.

Jess 31:31
Okay, sometimes if you’re traveling kind of look outside the box think about hey, who would be local here this vegetarian and where would they eat? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 31:42
yes. With this I want hot meals and stuff. I don’t want just fries or salad like

Jess 31:55
I like I’m very anti borderline anti salad is better in recent years. I’m like please cook my vegetables Caesar.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
Yes. I put a put a little sauce on that do something disheartening, because you go to places and you see all this great food. And I’m like, Oh, yes. Okay, let me get some good hot and it’s like, oh, we have fryer salad.

Jess 32:25
But just some plain plain rice there’s

Unknown Speaker 32:29
it’s so funny you say that because cuz I wanted to try like a South African place yesterday. And he was like, oh, no, it was a South African was the Afghan place and he was like, I was like getting thing vegan because I feed on the lamb and all that I have white

Jess 32:46
rice. Oh my God even tries sugar coated us like as well. I am

Unknown Speaker 32:58
just like

Jess 33:01
nice. Not even a beam good, though, you

Unknown Speaker 33:06
know, this?

Jess 33:11
Well, I actually appreciate that more than people who are like, yes, is vegan and is like chicken broth or something all up and through that. So

Unknown Speaker 33:22
you that’s why I say like a vegan. But I mean, you just don’t know sometimes because people tell you Yes. So you can buy it. And also they’re not cooking it all the time the one that you’re speaking to, so they don’t know. Mm hmm. It’s just like, Oh, my stomach is hurting. Okay, that wasn’t quite vegan. Let’s

Jess 33:43
let’s so what was the reason? Behind you becoming vegan? Was it for health reasons? Or honestly, I

Unknown Speaker 33:53
I keep abreast of a lot of things going on in the news. And there was always a recall on a meat product. That is true. And I’m like, You know what, forget it. Forget it. I’m not doing this no more. And honestly, that’s what it was. And so I initially before going vegan, I had already cut out beef, chicken and pork anyway, like few years before that. So at that point, I was eating seafood lamb go and things like that. And then so so it’s kind of seemed like it was a slow phase over the course of years.

Jess 34:27
So you weren’t do were you eating pork? No, I had already okay. Okay, so you just kind of know I can live without this one meat.

Unknown Speaker 34:38
I can live without seafood. And I really love seafood because you can get some great seafood in some places. I’m just like, You know what? No, I’m done. I’m done.

Jess 34:51
yapping they’ve been taking back the lettuce too. So it looks like we’re not.

Unknown Speaker 34:55
Honestly that’s true. And like it has its own thing you know, because you know people like oh, the animals and all this and that’s great. But also with veganism, though you’re looking at deforestation, you know, it’s a whole other aspect of it. So with, with the recalls on vegan food, that’s why I preferred farmers market. That’s why I prefer that, because typically, the farmers love their stuff. Typically, I have yet to see a local farm have a recall, that’s not best for juicing. You know, like, if you think about it, the recalls on food tends to be with companies that are mass producing this issue. And so that’s why I’m more of a farmers market person.

Jess 35:40
I have, I tried to be as much as possible, I haven’t, because we have online farmers market here, and I haven’t been doing it quite as much. And it’s also mostly because it’s winter. And so mostly you have your greens and and, and things that you know, I’m not a big greens person. You know, I like salad, but I’m not a big like collard green mustard, green, turnip green type person. And so that’s what was in season. And so I didn’t order quite as much, but I was like, You should eat MCS and I’m for that, but it’s just between my wallet. And my brain, right.

Unknown Speaker 36:19
It’s funny, you bring that up, because it is more expensive to eat fresh produce from the farmers market than it is to buy at the grocery. It is

Jess 36:28
it can get a little bit like if you if it is it depends.

Unknown Speaker 36:32
Yes, it does. It definitely depends on the market face. But um, I have noticed that and you mentioned online form, there’s, um, I know there was one forum in California that I love to get my nut butter from, because they did they it was stone ground and it wasn’t as sweet and they had very minimal ingredients in it and there was not as much oil on the top but our net forms, they do produce boxes and they also ship and you like gems and stuff like that. They have Okay, our next I have like a peach cobbler because they do um dried fruits and stuff as well. So they have a variety of things and then there’s another

Jess 37:13
was a peach cobbler peach cobbler with

Unknown Speaker 37:18
John because that form so you know, they had a produce. So they it’s their peaches and things like that. Of course it’s when it’s in season. They also have some savory type of jams as well as sweet jams.

Jess 37:29
Okay, cool. So it’s like peach cobbler, the filling, or is it like,

Unknown Speaker 37:33
yes, the feeling all day in the jar. And there was another online like farmers market thing. I forget what it’s called, but it’s like a produce that kind of looks ugly. That doesn’t make it to the grocery store. Oh,

Jess 37:46
misfit market.

Unknown Speaker 37:47
Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s what I heard about. But yes, but yeah, I think you might like our netfirms.

Jess 37:53
Yes. Well, we thank you so much for being here, Korea. And thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of traveling. And of course, this place that you get your nut butters and jams from that I’m going to immediately Google this after this. And just thank you so much. Where can the people find more about your travel and your traveling adventures

Unknown Speaker 38:17
or my Instagram galavanting wellness. That’s where you’re gonna find all the travel pictures and adventures on my Facebook page and Twitter. That’s where you’re gonna find all things travel. I literally share articles, stories from other travelers, everything sells flight tickets, different things like that you’re going to find it on Galvin to Emma’s Twitter and Facebook page, my tic toc that you’re going to find my account of events were traveling with my own personal little spin on them.

Jess 38:51
Great, awesome. And if you go to my website, www dot the flaky You’ll see this post and you’ll see a picture of some delectable looking dishes that Krishna has had while traveling and so I suggest you go there try to find the posts with this episode in it drool at the screen because you’re going to want to the food looks absolutely delicious. So again, thank you so much for being here. And everyone listening. Have a great week. Treat this podcast like gossip or the gospel and tell somebody if you enjoyed it and also just eat something delicious. And if you do eat something delicious. Tell me about it at the flaky foodie on all platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you everybody. Bye bye

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