What is the Flaky Foodie Podcast?

The Flaky Foodie Logo

The Flaky Foodie Podcast is a weekly podcast that delves into all things food. Hosted by Jess, the topics include food reviews, trends, history, and interviews with food experts and entrepreneurs. Timely, topical and fun, the Flaky Foodie podcast is perfect for those with a passion for cuisine.

Who’s hosting this thing?

Jess is the fearless and flaky host of The Flaky Foodie. She has a background in broadcast journalism, and lifelong love of baking, cooking and sampling all types of cuisine.

Why is the host Flaky?

Jess is a free spirit, which can translate as flaky. However, flaky in the food world is always a positive — what baker doesn’t want to put a flaky pie crust on the table? Food can bring out the best in people, and it brings out the best in our fearless host.

Jess been a vegetarian for about 20 years, and a pescatarian for the past five years or so. While this is mentioned in the podcast, The Flaky Foodie is open to everyone, no matter the dietary restriction.